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next wipe March 1st 2018
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28th Feb

as your aware that's when the next wipe will be, there is talk of adding a chainsaw,  which is consided a rare drop, unless they decide to make it craftable as far as i've read about it, it can only be spawned in by admins so u may see them in the shop. they also mentioned there adding in the Spas-12 shotgun which does 6 damage less than the pump shotgun.  they did mention for the Spas-12 shotgun it's a rare drop.  there also adding in shotgun incendiary rounds. they've mentioned there removing the craftable christmas tree but hopefully i'll still be able to spawn it in game to give people something to decorate there homes with. seem's there progress on hair improvements, the male has seen some improvements to eyebrown expressions (lol not too important). more talk of revamping tree, and finally  improvements to cliffs and monument placement so hopefully that fixes some issues compared to what i have seen.
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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