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update later today
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4th May 2017

still waiting and wondering if they will add in the missile silo and or atleast add in the tunnels to the airfield i wanted to give everyone a quick look at the next upcoming rust seed so atleast you get idea and not just a surprise sadly other player's who arnt signed up prob wont get to see the map idk, there was talk of if i decided to add in more mods i will have to check i've had some thing's happen this month that's kept me from playing with you all including the massive flooding that's only a mere 42 miles away from me haha here's the link for the rust map enjoy =) ... dural%20Map_4000_922
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4th May 2017

Took a peek at rustafied this morning, no missle silo or military tunnels under the airfield yet but we do have a new tool introduced today - scrap. Basically allows you to build most items you need if you are having trouble locating them in the world, certain amounts of scrap allow you a better chance of building the item. Hence, they have also brought back blueprint tables to the craftables list again. Recycling crap components can also get you scrap to build good components with, so keep that in mind. Tarp, sewing kits and rope will still be uncraftable.

Some of the beginner clothing pieces have also been made cheaper to craft.

Raiding has been buffed. If you have a tool cupboard, it will no longer prevent all items from being built within that building privilege zone. It will now work more as an anti-grief system because only twig can be built within that zone, nothing higher level like wood or stone. But this also now means that people with ill-intentions towards your base will be able to build up on it. So the task lies with you to make sure the top of your base isn't open and windows have bars, etc. Make your base so that people cant get into it and we should be fine. I will be cruising around making sure people aren't raiding since we still have mods in place that let us know who placed what and we can track and punish/ban offenders.

A list of what all is changing this wipe can be found on and you can check the Rust Admin Forum at after today's update to see any other changes they might have added that didn't make the rustafied page.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable wipe, I'll see you in there tonight.

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