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the server and it's main purpose
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Joined: 21st Mar 2017
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23rd Mar 2017

hi there, so some people have been asking questions about what is the server's main purpose or goal, in all honesty it's all about working together as a community or if you just plainly like having the chance to build near people or away from people to test your custom designs, some questionnaires have arisen to my attention about what is the main purpose of the server, well it's main purpose is at stated.
it's a server to have fun on work as a team or do it solo go against nature and see if your a true survivor or rely on friends or comrades in battle against animals. it's about building custom designs or building items for economy use or just plainly having fun without having to be raided or messed with. later on there will be events for the server such as parkour and mazes, and possibly much more.

some have asked what's the point of joining a pve server with no raiding (doesnt that kinda take the fun out of it) why yes it does but that's the point of pve it's to build on a safe server where you dont get screwed over, it's for new and old veteran players who just love building and playing in a co-op setting type of game style.

rules are as followed dont raid other ppl if caught (and believe me u will be caught if u fuck up) u will be insta banned no questions asked.
dont do anything that would seem like it's considered a violation of raiding or griefing of any particular or your gone it's that simple.

just enjoy the server the way it is later on i'll do a more current update of plugins on the server some will be withheld due to the account it's more admin related than player base.
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Joined: 22nd Mar 2017
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23rd Mar 2017

Lets all remember the server is for everyone to have fun. I might add (with de's ok) the following additions to his general rule of NO RAIDING.

No griefing. We are here to have fun. An example might be building crap next to someone in an obvious move to piss them off. But also be sure to use a damn tool cupboard.

The admins are here to help you, but we also want to have fun too. Excessive screaming in chat about needing help for a bear, or talking shit about the admins for not giving you a bunch of free things is not in your best interest. Build a bow, or a spear, jump on a rock and give that bear hell. If you are nice, and willing to help people. Maybe you could ask nicely for something small. We might or might not give it to you. Some admins do and some don't.

Just because you didn't blow into someone's home, doesn't mean that if you are caught stealing you wont be banned. If we catch you, there will be hell to pay.

Do not place traps outside of your house. Inside is ok, if you turn them off or warn others who might be visiting about them ahead of time.

Do not call airdrops unless it is a personal drop with a supply flare. Airdrops are first come, first serve. Whoever is under it first and says that they are, gets first dibs on the airdrop. Anyone else who gets there has to wait. Admins do check on these to keep people honest so don't be a dick.

If you are building a lot of things, try to think of other people around you. If possible, take some things down while adding or testing others. This will help with server lag if everyone only has 1-2 houses instead of 20. (I'm guilty of this one, I have 4 small places around the map)

If you decide to abandon a starter home to build something larger, please take the front door off so admins know its ok to delete to help with server lag.

This is a rough guide and not official by any means, just helpful tips and wishes from your friendly Admin Dark.

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