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3rd May de1012005
server is now updated just waiting for it to come back up new map so bp's are wiped i'll have the store picked out eventually after i get it updated =)
9th Apr de1012005
oxide finally thru out it's fix that's why most of you couldnt join the server =) server is updated 4/9/2018 6:53pm =)
15th Mar AyeTea just joined our community, welcome!
6th Mar m0j0SR
well i do have my own server. so i play where ever to get out of the admin rut..i have 4 servers up so a break is always nice..yet to come into the server yesterday and mind you i had my tool boxes loaded for up to 19 days of coverage.. some of my place was missing.. there was part of the foundation missing on the inside of the possible!!! what so ever for foundation to leave like that!!!
6th Mar m0j0SR just joined our community, welcome!
28th Feb de1012005 created a new topic next wipe March 1st 2018
as your aware that's when the next wipe will be, there is talk of adding a chain...
25th Feb de1012005 befriended goldey
17th Feb goldey replied to the topic Obtaining Scrap
Thank you for the addition.
12th Feb de1012005 replied to the topic Obtaining Scrap
to fix this issue i went ahead and added a player store that way you can buy a l...
7th Jan goldey created a new topic Obtaining Scrap
I think the admin should give all players more scrap.  Scrap is the single great...


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